Aqua One – Enhanced Media Solutions


February 14, 2014

Aqua Marketing and Communications Forms Aqua One, LLC
New Component to Provide Enhanced Media Solutions for Clients

Dedicated to meeting its clients’ needs for the most innovative and effective marketing strategies available, Aqua Marketing and Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of Aqua One, a one-stop, high-impact media strategies unit.

Aqua One serves to enhance the already vast capabilities of the St. Petersburg-based, full-service agency and will provide a myriad of media solutions throughout the entire scope of available marketing communications channels, with a focus on state-of-the-art digital communications tactics.

Specifically, the formation of Aqua One will augment the growing agency’s ability to execute media planning and buying at the highest possible level and will improve overall marketing results for all clients.

“Above all else, Aqua is committed to providing cutting-edge service,” said Aqua President Dave Di Maggio. “We identified the need to enhance and expand our services in order to meet our clients’ growing needs and knew that creating this extension would strengthen our agency and ensure that we continue to surpass client expectations.”

About Aqua Marketing and Communications
Aqua offers a blended interdisciplinary marketing communications approach for clients in the areas of tourism, travel and hospitality; economic development, real estate and healthcare, as well as various governmental entities.


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