Aqua Earns Badged Google Partner Status


January 22, 2019


Aqua Badged Google Partner

Aqua is a badged Google Partner and Badged trusted photographer

Due to the agency’s demonstrated expertise, managing Google ads for many of Aqua’s clients and showing consistent performance while increasing business over time, Aqua Marketing & Communications is now a badged Google Partner.
The Google Partners program is for advertising agencies or third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. This accreditation comes only after being manually reviewed by Google, and as such, Aqua is now deemed a trusted agency recommended by Google for Google advertising.
Aqua is set to receive special training and support from Google, along with heightened access to a variety of other benefits that will help the agency improve the marketing services that it offers clients. The fully integrated marketing agency has achieved certified Google Partner status in search advertising, giving it exclusive access to private Google events, Google beta programs, marketing support and a Google Partner profile page.
“Aqua is proud to be a part of the Google Partner program, and thrilled to offer this heightened level of service to our clients,” said Krystina Lisi, digital strategist of Aqua Marketing & Communications. “This partnership enables us to continue maintaining Google’s high standards while enjoying the benefits and continued learning provided in the partner program.”
Google Partner IconsIn addition to becoming a badged Google Partner, Aqua, as a result of publishing multiple 360 photos and virtual tours for Google maps for its clients, has unlocked special designation as a trusted agency on Google’s recommended list of Street View photographers. The Google Street View/Trusted Program is a certification awarded only to pro-photographers and agencies that fulfill certain performance and quality requirements to become Google Trusted Photographers.

Aqua has also received two product specializations from Google. Specializations are given based on criteria including certifications, spend, and company performance. Aqua is now recognized as a search advertising and video advertising specialist under the Google Partner Program. 
As a trusted professional for hire, Aqua can help businesses more easily create and publish virtual tours, and moreover build trust with high-quality virtual tours that let people experience a location before they arrive. Exclusive access to these special resources distinguishes Aqua’s Digital Team and boost client visibility in the marketplace.
To sample Aqua’s photography and videography contributions for Google captured for clients to-date, view the company’s profile page here.


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