Aqua Employee Spotlight: Andrea O’Brien


April 18, 2017

Employee Spotlight - Andrea O'Brien
At Aqua Marketing & Communications, we’re proud of our team members. That’s why we’re introducing a new ongoing series called Employee Spotlight. Join us in celebrating our first Employee Spotlight, Andrea O’Brien.

As with many agencies today, the team members at Aqua must wear different hats and utilize skillsets that encompass many different elements of marketing. This unique and versatile skillset is perhaps no more apparent than in Account Executive, Andrea O’Brien. Holding degrees in both advertising and graphic design, Andrea might seem like an unconventional candidate for account management. However, considering her career began with opening and closing her own projects while simultaneously designing and creating the visual elements of these ads, it’s easy to see why Andrea is able to blend the organized, left-brain skills of an account executive with the creativity and conceptual thinking of a designer to help clients realize or communicate the vision for their campaigns.

Andrea discovered her interest in advertising while studying at the University of Florida. While the visually stunning graphic treatments of many advertisements may have piqued her interest, it was the strategy and rationale behind the ads that truly drew her in. For Andrea, it’s not only about how an ad looks or how the copy reads, but how the ad makes the audience feel and its impact on purchasing behavior. The psychology of marketing and advertising is what helped Andrea make the leap from creative execution to the strategic approach of advertising; not to say the two are mutually exclusive.

When not providing her wealth of experience to clients from a variety of industries, Andrea spends her free time antiquing, both collecting and restoring. As a graduate of the Art Institute of Tampa, Andrea enjoys painting with oils as a form of creative expression. Her music tastes vary from classic rock to classical music, and she enjoys films of all kinds, from comedy classics starring John Candy to thought-provoking documentaries.

Andrea is one of the many individuals who make Aqua a diverse, successful agency. Make sure to check our next newsletter to learn about another valuable member of our team in the next Employee Spotlight.


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