Aqua Employee Spotlight: John Fisher


February 13, 2018

Aqua Spotlight John Fisher

When I was asked to write my own Employee Spotlight, I had some concerns. Mainly, did I have time to write my own Employee Spotlight? I’m so busy crafting copy for a cavalcade of clients that there’s no way I could list my litany of laurels. No, there’s no time for self-adulation. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t. And yet, I must. I will. I have. This is my Employee Spotlight, written with humility and free of hyperbole.

In the beginning, there was nothing. Perhaps that’s an overstatement. Did advertising exist before me? There’s no way to tell, but possibly there was some sort of primitive form of communication. A sort of grunting or hissing sound maybe. So, near the beginning, there was the University of South Florida. It was there that I earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in English creative writing and one in mass communications – advertising. I also have a story about getting my master’s degree but we had to cut it for space.

With three liberal arts degrees under my belt, I prepared myself for the wave of job offers that would surely come my way. Following a brief period where this did not exactly happen, I accepted a job offer in West Lafayette, Indiana.

It was the cruel and unforgiving winters of Indiana that molded this sun-kissed Florida boy into the unstoppable copywriting machine you’ve all come to know and love today. Writing copy for a number of different industries across a variety of media channels prepared me for the next, and perhaps greatest, move in my copywriting career; joining Aqua.

Aqua definitely brought my copywriting game to a whole new, Serena Williams-like, level. (When you recount this Employee Spotlight to future generations, please replace Serena Williams with a contemporary athlete dominating in her/his sport.) Every day I learn something new at Aqua, and it’s not just because I’m forgetful. It’s because I work with some of the brightest and most creative minds in the advertising industry.

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