Aqua Employee Spotlight: Laura Tobin


October 22, 2019

Hailing all the way from Clonmel, Ireland, Laura Tobin isn’t just Aqua’s latest intern, she’s also the latest subject of our Employee Spotlight series. The young up-and-coming PR professional is enjoying her final semester at Saint Leo University, and hopes to build a career in the beauty, travel, and hospitality public relations fields. But how does a small-town girl from across the Atlantic Ocean end up at one of Florida’s fastest growing advertising agencies?

You could say Laura hit the ground running to achieve her dreams of becoming a PR professional. Literally. Laura came to St. Leo University through a cross country scholarship. She already had a brother who left Ireland and attended the University of Mississippi on a cross country scholarship, so she knew it was a possible track to realizing her dream. Laura had a lot of different coaches and universities reach out to her, but chose Florida because she loves the beach and has an aunt that already lived in the state.

As a PR intern at Aqua, Laura is sitting under the learning tree of some of the industry’s best PR professionals. Whether she’s assisting our PR team in projects for clients, or simply observing how a real marketing agency operates while exceeding client expectations and achieving results, her internship will be an invaluable experience. It is our hope we can help build on the knowledge she’s learning in class, and give her a real-world perspective before she enters the workforce.

Since moving to the states, Laura has development a unique appreciation for many different aspects of our culture that she hadn’t experienced in Ireland. While obvious things like both countries having different beloved sports (there’s no baseball in Ireland) stand out, it’s the differences in our food that were most surprising. Laura hadn’t had coffee or sushi before moving to the U.S., but has since fallen in love with both, and is even becoming an aficionado of locally roasted coffee like Kahwa and Buddy Brew. But there are things she misses as well. Because of our country’s size, especially compared to Ireland, we have a lot more chain restaurants than she’s used to, and she misses more of those “mom & pop” places featuring locally sourced ingredients that she grew up on.

Looking ahead, Laura is excited to see where her career takes her next. She’s already visited California and New York, and while she loves the Florida beaches, she’s happy to explore the rest of the county and go wherever her career leads her. As a leader in travel marketing and public relations, Aqua is happy to help Laura improve her skills and grow as a professional. We’re confident she’ll make a significant impression on our industry, and share in her enthusiasm to see what comes next.


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