Aqua Creative Team Puts West Palm Beach in Focus with Targeted Shoot


September 27, 2018

Aqua West Palm Beach Photo and Video Shoot
Displaying the Destination’s Appeal for Business Owners Through Photography and Video

This summer, Aqua’s creative team organized and executed a successful photo and video shoot for the city of West Palm Beach’s Economic Development Department.

The purpose of the shoot was to promote the city of West Palm Beach as a desirable destination for businesses and business owners interested in relocating to the sunshine state. Known to some as the Wall Street of the South, West Palm Beach is hoping business owners will see the city as a practical alternative to setting up shop in the Northeast. West Palm Beach is an ideal spot for those entrepreneurs and large corporations looking to escape the cold weather while also remaining in a modern and thriving city that is not only a fantastic place to work, but also a fun and lively area to live. For the campaign’s messaging, Aqua leveraged Florida’s lack of state income tax to show business owners that moving their businesses to West Palm Beach could help lower their taxes but never their standards.

The creative team spent four days in West Palm Beach, the first two of which were dedicated to capturing video footage while the last two were set aside for photography. Aqua was assisted by the talents of Todd Bates, photographer, Video Shampoo, a video production company and producer Brian Arndt. In total, three fun, light-hearted and humorous videos were produced as a result of the shoot, a 15-second spot, a 30-second spot and a 90-second spot. Each video starred Chris Hurt as talent and featured him in different settings and scenarios throughout the city, visiting places such as the Palm Harbor Marina, downtown West Palm Beach and the Flagler Financial District.


For the photoshoot, Aqua and Todd Bates rallied West Palm Beach locals and visitors to help create their vision. Locals and visitors willing to get their picture taken were photographed around the city enjoying the numerous activities and attractions offered in West Palm Beach. The use of actual locals and visitors as talent added an extra dimension to the project and sparked excitement throughout the community.

Aqua West Palm Beach Photography


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