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Erica Bullard

Erica Bullard Social Media Coordinator

As a social media content creator, Erica knows how to stay on top of social media trends and create relevant, creative and engaging content. She has organically garnered 18K+ (and growing) followers across her social media platforms and uses her content creation marketing skills to develop effective strategies and campaigns for Aqua clients. Previously, Erica has planned, designed and executed successful social media campaigns for a variety of businesses. Her passion for social media stems from seeing the direct effect of how it connects people and spreads messages worth knowing. She also enjoys connecting and developing positive relationships between clients and followers. When Erica isn’t creating content for Aqua clients, she enjoys trying new restaurants and creating food review vlogs for her social media accounts.

B.A. in Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing (Hampton University in Virginia)

Full-Service. And Full of Surprises.

Formed in 2010, Aqua is one of the few firms in the country specializing in both destination marketing and economic development. Our staff possesses extensive experience in both fields and is one of the most highly awarded firms in the destination marketing industry. Year after year, Aqua is recognized for its efforts on a regional, national and international scale.

A fully integrated, multi-functional marketing communications firm, Aqua’s staff understands the complete gamut of requirements to competitively define and market destinations. Every one of our staff is deeply experienced in their area of expertise as well as how it applies to and is leveraged within your industry. That experience includes branding and brand development, advertising, public relations, social media, media relations, events, lead conversion, collateral creation, broadcast and video production, web development, database development/management, as well as all aspects of online marketing (PPC, SEO, SEM and more).

And to top it off, you’ll find we’re really nice people and a joy to work with. We specialize in making life easier for our clients. So besides being constantly innovative, we’re also constantly willing to be flexible, pick up the slack, and help in any way.