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Kate Sparks

Kate Sparks Media Coordinator

As a former multi-media account executive at the Tampa Bay Times and digital agency campaign manager in Portland, Kate brings a wealth of media, design and project management proficiencies to serve clients and account teams at Aqua. Never far from a screen or design platform, she also runs Kate Sparks Interiors, a consultative interior design firm where she delivers uniquely curated spaces that are interesting, welcoming and harmoniously refined. Her sentiment, “Never underestimate the power of a happy home.”

B.A.’s in Journalism and Psychology (Gonzaga University)

Full-Service. And Full of Surprises.

Formed in 2010, Aqua is one of the few firms in the country specializing in both destination marketing and economic development. Our staff possesses extensive experience in both fields and is one of the most highly awarded firms in the destination marketing industry. Year after year, Aqua is recognized for its efforts on a regional, national and international scale.

A fully integrated, multi-functional marketing communications firm, Aqua’s staff understands the complete gamut of requirements to competitively define and market destinations. Every one of our staff is deeply experienced in their area of expertise as well as how it applies to and is leveraged within your industry. That experience includes branding and brand development, advertising, public relations, social media, media relations, events, lead conversion, collateral creation, broadcast and video production, web development, database development/management, as well as all aspects of online marketing (PPC, SEO, SEM and more).

And to top it off, you’ll find we’re really nice people and a joy to work with. We specialize in making life easier for our clients. So besides being constantly innovative, we’re also constantly willing to be flexible, pick up the slack, and help in any way.