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Case Study

A Bedtime Story for Adults

Hotel Zamora

Hotel Zamora Exterior

Giving A New Hotel the Edge It Needs

Before the owners of Hotel Zamora opened their hotel, they realized something was missing in the St. Pete Beach region: A place just for adults to get away. All the other hotels in the area were for families. Could someone still enjoy a romantic getaway at one of these hotels? Of course. However, what if there was a hotel only for adults? Not a seedy, trashy, pay-by-the-hour sort of place. But an upscale, sophisticated sanctuary where adults could escape, unwind, and relax, complete with a fine-dining on-site restaurant, Castile.

Thus, Hotel Zamora was born. A boutique, 30-room hotel where adults could be free to relax however they wish. Now all it needed was an agency to market it. Because of our extensive history of marketing and developing hospitality brands, as well as our experience marketing to and within the Tampa Bay area, Aqua was the obvious choice. We pitched for the opportunity, and won the account.

Hotel Zamora Print Ads

The messaging approach for Hotel Zamora was alluring, “sexy,” edgy without going over the edge, and tasteful not tasteless. We needed to express that this was an adults-only hotel, but that wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about. Digital and print advertisements created a sense of mystery and ambiguous sensuality without ever overtly claiming to be so. By not saying exactly what the hotel’s function as an “adults-only hotel” was, we allowed a guest’s imagination to fill in the blanks themselves.

Images of Hotel Zamora


Our public relation’s team invited local food critics to sample the unique and sophisticated dishes of Castile. Our PR team organized and held a grand opening party with influencers and local media. Combined with our advertising, which invited guests to discover if Hotel Zamora really was everything they were implying they might be, the entire campaign was a resounding success. The hotel was at 100% capacity consistently, ADR exceed target rates, and not only did the Castile turn a profit but it received critical acclaim.

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