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Our Approach

Full-Service in Every Way

As an omni-channel firm providing consistent, coordinated messaging through every conceivable marketing communications channel, Aqua is “full-service” and a lot more. Many times, client has contracted the agency for one particular service only to discover Aqua’s many other services and departments and eventually contract those as well. Being full-service also means that for those clients only seeking to engage Aqua for a single marketing discipline receive far more robust service. For instance, Public Relations can rely on the Creative Department for art, photography, video, printed pieces and more.  

But Aqua’s full-service, omni-channel approach means that its departments are interconnected for clients, supporting one another and all relaying and reflecting a single brand strategy with consistent messaging. As an example, Social Media works with Public Relations to define message calendars, or alerts PR of potential client issues being reflected through social media. Advertising may employ PR staff for more journalistic, objective writing for content marketing. Social Media may depend on Advertising staff to provide special artwork for a client’s post. 

And the strength of Aqua’s individual functions is consistently proven through industry awards and accolades. Every single department is consistently awarded some of the highest recognitions in the industry.  

Ever-growing and evolving, Aqua is adding client services and functions every day. And as we stretch ourselves in executing new, original tactics and strategies for clients, new services and functions are explored, developed and realized.  

From research to branding, advertising to public relations, to social media and design, Aqua delivers on the promise of the one-stop, full-service shop, willing to grow and test the limits.