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Marketing Research and Strategy

The Research, Brand Development and Message Strategy to Set You Apart

You’ll find that the success Aqua achieves for you is firmly rooted in deep insights gained through rock-solid research, the development and implementation of a definitive brand that sets you apart as unique and the most desirable; and a clear message strategy that is executed consistently and with exciting originality.  

But it all starts with research. Aqua begins each account relationship by going through a deep period of Client Discovery, gaining unique insights and uncovering marketing truths about you, your destination, your target audiences and your competitive set. Typically, it involves formal quantitative research and the analysis of quantitative data. Aqua staff will also research and experience your destination infrastructure and assets on a personal basis, first-hand. In addition, they conduct SWOT analyses, interview stakeholders face-to-face, pour over destination marketing history, perform an in-depth competitive analysis, and much more. Once Client Discovery is complete, Aqua is locked and loaded to provide rock-solid recommendations of what will set you apart, position you appropriately against the competition, and get your targets’ attention and decision.

marketing strategy

Aqua’s exhaustive Client Discovery drives its unique, in-depth Branding process. Aqua’s proprietary brand development process has defined more destinations than most any other firm. Complete in every way, the process provides you with a Brand that clearly sets you apart, is embraced by the consumer, and celebrated by your community and partners. It becomes the solid foundation for your Message Strategy and is expressed consistently and comprehensively at all times through every possible point of target audience contact. 

Springing from such a solid foundation, it’s no surprise that Aqua’s Strategies are unique, inspiring, entirely creative and totally engaging. Laser sharp in targeting and aimed precisely to your target’s motivations, our strategy for your account should provide an advantage in the marketplace many dream of, but few ever achieve. Every Client Strategy is unique for both client and the industry, custom-tailored to meet your unique needs. The basis for your Account Plan, each Strategy is clearly written and presented, ensuring your understanding and long-term adoption and execution. As part of the entire Account Plan, your Client Strategy states a clear Goal, Objectives to reach the Goal, and the Strategies and Tactics to ensure the Objectives will be achieved.  

Sort of like Marketing 101. But in Aqua’s hands, it pure magic.