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Marketing Power through Data-Driven Decisions

AquaIntel™ brings business intelligence to a whole new level. As specialists in tourism, traveland economic development, Aqua’s staff is well versed in those industries and understands the ongoing intelligence necessary to keep you at the top of the field. The agency has formalized its own proprietary internal program of market intelligence, providing staff and clients with an ongoing program of marketing analytics as well as economic, travel and marketing trends.  

It’s the starting point and final reporting point for all we do. From KPI’s to conversions, AquaIntel™ sets the bar, then helps clients exceed it. 

Given that all of our marketing efforts for clients are reported with analysis monthly, quarterly, and annually, AquaIntel™ provides each client with their ownproprietary client reporting dashboard – proving ROI, and ultimately ensuring outcomes of maximum impact for your efforts. And unlike agencies that turn the task over to “data engineers,” our data-gathering, analysis and reporting are conducted by experienced marketers who deeply understand your industry and the data, and who provide expert analysis based on years of successful tourism, travel and economic development marketing experience. 


  • Big data aggregation and analytics 
  • Real-time marketing and client performance dashboards 
  • Social media analysis
  • Survey development, deployment and reporting/analytics 
  • SEO and site optimization 
  • Funnel conversion strategy 
  • Google Analytics reporting, analysis and marketing utilization