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Art Direction, Design and Copy

Art Direction

Advertising that borders on resembling a work of art does not simply happen by accident. Thanks to the combined experiences of our exceptional art department, Aqua Marketing & Communications has received awards and acclaim for our art direction and creative marketing. From telling a complete and interesting story with only one photograph to framing a scene in a video that inspires audiences, we’re visual storytellers creating a unique aesthetic and look for each of our clients.


From how the words are arranged in a print ad to what an on-screen talent wears in a commercial, our attention to detail and eye for design at Aqua are why we’re one of the leading advertising agencies in Florida. If art direction is the right brain, “artsy” side of advertising, then design is the left brain, logical side. But make no mistake, our design services are still rooted in creativity. It’s about finding unique and clever ways to arrange to take a piece of advertising from blending in to standing out.

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Copy starts with ideas. Breakthrough ideas that will make an emotional connection with your target audience and move them to take action. Copy works hand-in-hand with visuals to achieve this, and in this day and age, sometimes there is no copy needed at all. But if there is a need for copy, as there is in most initiatives, it must also be strategically on target, concise, cover everything that needs to be communicated and in the correct brand voice. When all of these copy elements are achieved, your branded communications can achieve results you never thought possible.

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