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Broadcast Production

Whether it’s radio or TV, we’re well versed in the intricacies of broadcast production. Radio ads, TV commercials, live remotes, and more, we have experience selecting talent, writing scripts, overseeing filming and recording, and being hands-on throughout the editing process. And once a spot is created, we have the knowledge and ability to make sure it runs in the right market in front of as many people as possible to achieve a client’s goals. We’ve overseen productions ranging from national TV spots and multiple radio, to local shoots that only run in a few select markets.

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Print Production Supervision

Aqua creative services don’t just stop at creating eye-catching print files and sending them off to printers. Whenever possible, we insist on reviewing proofs and attending press checks to ensure every detail, no matter how small, is correct in a piece before it’s printed in mass and distributed.

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Video Production and Editing

15-second pre-roll videos, 30-second commercials, short documentaries, fun social media videos, and so much more. We’ve produced and edited videos to serve all sorts of client needs. From on-location shoots with models to in-studio productions with an actor in front of a green screen, we’ve done it all (even shooting some social media videos in a room no bigger than a closet). We can also edit video to suit all your needs, whether it’s new footage we shoot just for you or some existing video you already have.

Production Vendor Bidding

We at Aqua pride ourselves at being a full-service advertising agency capable of serving all client needs. However, we’ll admit that we can’t do everything. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a solution for any situation. Finding, vetting, bidding, and managing outside, third-party vendors is no problem for us. Our agency’s combined experience means we likely “know someone” who can help fulfill the wildest client requests, and we’re happy to go out and find a new vendor if not. From printing tens of thousands of visitor guides to building an exact scale model of an entire county, we’ll make the connections necessary to get the job done.

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Production Budget Management

Good budget management isn’t just about staying under budget, it’s about getting the most for your money. We achieve this by first having a talented team of creative professionals with a diverse range of skills capable of filling several different types of roles. Second, we know how to find the right vendors willing to go above and beyond to be a part of the creative, innovative work we produce.

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A great print ad, an attention-grabbing billboard, or a visitor guide that people can’t put down, all rely on beautiful photography. From wide scenic photos showing off the natural beauty of a vacation destination to big-budget photoshoots with enough lighting equipment, talent, make-up people, and syncretized flashes to make your head spin, we’ve done it all. Portraits, landscapes, and even 360, we’ve taken photos and managed shoots for websites, social media, print, out of home, brochures, books, and much more.

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