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Paid Media Services

Paid Media Advertising – Maximizing Your Budget to the Fullest

Aqua knows that every client is unique. That is no different when it comes to their media planning and budgets. Our media experts thoroughly review and assess the overall business goals and objectives for each individual client. By reviewing all target-market research available at our fingertips, our media services are designed to generate the maximum return on your marketing investment.

Every plan is grounded in consumer insights and rooted in compelling engagement ideas. Market intelligence drives the discovery of insight and is critical and the way it’s used is a form of creativity itself.

Our integrated Media and Digital teams are united throughout the communication planning process to build truly integrated plans. With the combined expertise in both traditional (passive) and digital (active) media, Aqua is able to:

  • Managing multi-million dollar annual media budgets, we fully comprehend the strengths and limitations of all forms of paid media – from traditional media to Internet, mobile, viral, and social.
  • We have the experience, research, and data to know how to apply which, when, and where.
  • Our solid media-planning hinges on research and data, and all Aqua strategies and plans are guided by the most respected and trusted third-party syndicated research and data available.
  • Able to provide cutting edge of media strategies and tactics, from train and bus wraps, OTT/CTV marketing, programmatic, display, paid social and more. Which allows us to consistently offer our clients fresh ideas and perspectives at every turn.

We believe that our outstanding results for clients are a result of our process. It’s one that’s highly collaborative and involves other agency departments as well as our clients.