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Media Planning and Buying

Aqua Media Planning & Buying Services

Aqua stays on top of current trends with the most informative media research tools available. All Aqua media plans are guided by the most respected names in third-party syndicated research.

With these tools, we are able to fully put together an effective media campaign based on you target market(s) or if needed, a national media plan, demographics and overall objectives.  These tools strategically allow Aqua to deliver your message to the customer at critical times, using the most strategic media channel available.

Media Research companies

Media Buying

Our long-term media relationships both domestically and internationally provide strong buying power and allow us to offer all of our clients the advantages of delivering more media value for the same budget across television, print, radio, outdoor, programmatic, social, display and OTT/CTV and more, which will result in increased reach, impressions and engagement.


Programmatic Media Management and Optimization

Programmatic buying, management and optimization requires a strategic skill and diligent implementation that Aqua’s in-house digital media team provides. By incorporating programmatic display and search into our client’s media mix, it provides a real-time data driven strategy, competitive edge and brand awareness.