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Media Reporting and Performance

Media Performance That’s Monitored, Measured and Proven

Aqua believes that monitoring the ROI throughout our client’s campaigns will lead to correctly identifying which media outlets lead to the most conversions at the best cost. 

  • Set goals/metrics (KPIs) by which the media plan will be measured against 
  • Implement a monthly, quarterly and annual reporting process is paramount to success 
  • Vital to understanding how effective your campaign is and provides an ability to adjust prior to the end of the campaign 

Campaign reports are designed to provide a top-line on the effectiveness. They break down what worked and what didn’t and how to improve for future campaigns. Having reports to draw insights from help make the process seamless.

media reporting images

Media Budget Management

An integral part of the planning/buying process is the budget management. On a weekly and monthly basis media schedules should be: 

  • Verified and confirmed 
  • Any departure noted and discussed for resolution against purchased 
  • Budget adjustments reviewed and approved 
  • Ongoing optimization of digital campaigns  

Monthly budget tracking is vital to ensuring all campaigns deliver in full while not over/under spending in any given timeframe. 

Post-Buy Analysis

Aqua provides post-buy analysis to verify and provide final delivery against the submitted buy and budget. 

Once a given buy has run, a post-buy analysis will ensure the overall buy has delivered upon all expectations including: 

  • Budget 
  • KPIs 
  • Target Audience 
  • Reach 

A post-buy analysis will bring together all media placed during the campaign and provide an insightful summary/highlights achieved. Overall, it includes goals, purchased and achieved delivery during any given timeframe.