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Public Relations

Aqua’s Public Relations team covers a wide range of essential communication tactics that support a client’s overall brand strategy and marketing campaign.

With years of experience marketing destinations and countless accolades, the Public Relations account team at Aqua is composed of expert strategists with a deep understanding of visitation and visitation factors. The team understands the unique needs of media covering travel, tourism and economic development, the importance of using public relations efforts to support other marketing efforts (including advertising and social media) and how to devise a plan that does all of these things and more.

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Below are just a few of the main initiatives that contribute to both our traditional and digital PR efforts.

  • Strategy & Planning – Aqua strategically measures and identifies driving factors in a communications plan to make programs and projects successful for its clients. Our team focuses on planning and the creative approach to increase visibility and positive perception of a brand or destination.
  • Event + Crisis Planning – PR Events and activations are a brand’s chance to showcase their product and leverage the buzz surrounding key initiatives. Aqua’s PR team is able to handle all client events from conception to execution with extensive knowledge on the tactics that make event planning successful. Brands focusing on events must also be aware of issues that come along with those types of activations, or possibly, any other blue sky scenario that could lead to a crisis communications need. By working with Aqua’s experienced PR team, before an crisis occurs, you can substantially improve your ability to minimize the impact of negative publicity on your business. The key to successfully navigating a crisis is thorough preparation and flawless execution.
  • Organic Influencer Marketing – Aqua is seasoned in partnering with established social media influencers and iconic brands to offer an elevated user experience, creating influential messaging to support brand visibility and awareness.

We know that in Public Relations (and marketing in general) flexibility is key. Therefore, the plans we develop are fluid and can be modified as plans change, announcements are made and new ideas take precedence.

Through all of our team’s targeted efforts, we drive results and elevate brand consideration to new heights.