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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

As a firm located in Florida, we understand the need for crisis communication preparation as well as how to handle the dynamic nature of those events. We have successfully guided clients through hurricanes, oil spills, blue-green algae and red tide outbreaks, travel-related health crisis; as well as prepared clients for blue-sky scenarios. Our staff mentors and prepares clients in media relations and provides expert guidance in press contact.  

No matter the scenario, our PR team jumps into action to assess the situation, coordinate with key client contacts to determine next steps, draft immediate media/consumer messaging and drive positive perception during a sensitive time.  

As part of an integrated marketing communications firm, our PR staff works synergistically with our social media staff to identify issues and uses social media as a PR tool. In addition, our PR strategy incorporates additional staff efforts and collaborates with our paid media team to identify and leverage editorial opportunities unavailable to non-integrated firms.  

Aqua is skilled in perception management, and makes sure to focus on this through all crisis situations. We are here to support our clients and to make sure they are always cast in the best light.