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Organic Influencer Marketing

Influencer Discovery & Management

Influencer marketing is an essential part of any public relations strategy and can be used to supplement advertising initiatives to build brand awareness among diverse audiences. These types of campaigns can maximize engagement and broaden audience reach 

When implementing this initiative, we make sure to follow key strategies to garner authentic results through influencer marketing:  

  • Research, vet and align with the best social influencers for your demographic  
  • Build the relationship 
  • Know and communicate your brand’s goals 


Influencer marketing is a dynamic service that requires extensive experience to facilitate, and involves the creation of detailed agreements and contracts. Our team is proficient in securing the most valuable assets from these types of partnerships and initiatives to broaden our client’s content library and marketing assets 

Aqua’s Public Relations team is skilled in identifying the content creators and social media influencers who align with our clients’ brands and fit within the categories they’re promoting. The influencer discovery process can be tedious but rewarding one.  

Prior to collaborating, Aqua researches social influencers and their individual demographics to determine if they are the right partner to work with our clients.  

Co-brand and promotional opportunities are creative, out-of-the-box ways to generate exposure for our clients. Whether partnering with a national brand on a product launch or coordinating a sweepstakes giveaway with a regional broadcast station, co-branding can create third-party credibility for your brand’s initiatives.