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Social Media & Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Experts

Today’s consumers are being overwhelmed with advertisements and sales types of messaging. Aqua works with their clients to utilize social media to help augment the marketing clutter and deliver quality content organically to grow audiences and engagement with the brand through social media marketing.

A good social media strategy starts with KPIs and setting the strategy around them. Aqua believes that it isn’t the number of followers, but the quality of them. Engagement is key in social media marketing.

Every good organic social media campaign has many steps to ensure it will engage the targeted audience. After setting KPIs with our clients, Aqua’s social media team gets to work on:

  • Content Calendar development to help plan and organize content while maintaining best practices
  • Content Curation is key to drive engagement. Sending our team out to gather photos, videos, time-lapse, boomerangs, 360s, and more is vital to drive engagement.
  • Community Management is very time-consuming for our clients and at times overwhelming. Aqua’s organic social team handles maintaining the brand pages and engages with the audience to build brand trust.
  • Social Listening is a vital part of social media marketing. Listening allows our social media team to monitor hashtags that may benefit our client’s brand to finding conversations that are happening on social media where our client can be the solution.
  • Paid Social Media Influencers bring an elevation to any social media campaign. Finding the right influencer from a small following to a large following is key to match overall KPIs.
  • Reporting, after all the work comes the ROI. Aqua prides itself on delivering a report that is easy to understand, but also is very informative. Additionally, just like paid and earned value, Aqua provides a shared value to all organic campaigns to help our client’s stakeholders understand the value of including organic social media in their marketing mix.