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Creative Social Media Promotions

Have a solid social media strategy in place? What more can you do to help build brand awareness? Aqua’s social media team has the answer. From social media promotions, online community development, paid social media campaigns to social media influencers.

Social media promotions help support the overall social media strategy and marketing plan. Aqua’s team has experience in both creating and managing different types of social media promotions.

  • Sweepstakes
  • Instagram Hashtag Contest
  • Referral
  • Photo Content
  • Quizzes
BACVB Promotions

Building and managing an online community is important to any brand with a social media presence. Our organic social media experts know that by building and managing a client’s online community allows for:

  • Obtaining feedback from customers
  • Gather ideas from members
  • Support for the client’s audience members, fans and customers
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Learn more about how to engage your community and future community ambassador
  • Boost fan/follower interactions, conversations and sales
Punta Gorda Promotions

With organic reach being down, the days when a brand could create an organic post and know their followers will see it are pretty scarce. Including paid social media to boost your organic post can help raise engagement, reach more targeted audiences and introduce your brand to new customers. Aqua can help and manage the in’s and out’s of social media advertising, from where do you even start, to how does each network operate, to how much should be spent.