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Aqua Employee Spotlight: Aime Alexander

Part of being an outstanding Account Executive is diving straight into the uncharted waters of a burgeoning agency-client relationship. Luckily for Aqua, and this metaphor, Aime O’Keefe is an avid scuba diver, but even a better Account Executive. Actually it was her love for and knowledge of scuba diving that introduced Aime to the world of marketing.

But before Aime was rocking flippers and oxygen tanks, she was studying Communications at the University of Alabama and saying things like “Roll Tide!” Then while working at a diving resort, a PR firm specializing in hospitality and tourism hired Aime specifically for her knowledge of scuba diving and that niche travel market. Once in the tourism marketing industry, Aime became fascinated by the economic impact of tourism on local economies, specifically those in South Florida.

Through her natural curiosity in the marketing industry, and the willingness of her firm to allow her to explore different avenues, Aime soon found herself falling in love with account management. She loves how no day ever looks the same. As a highly caffeinated extrovert, Aime excels in a position perfect for a smiling, energetic person bringing solutions to help solve client problems. And for someone who naturally approaches anything systematically, Aime’s instinct for organization and detailed lists makes her great at project management.

As for the marketing industry, Aime loves its blend of the creative and analytical. She marvels at how new data and emerging ways to gather that data help influence powerful advertising campaigns that wield a significant amount of influence over the audience. Specifically for tourism marketing, she relies heavily on relevant data and strong advertising and marketing strategies to demonstrate results through a travel funnel.

As an Account Executive at Aqua, Aime helps manage our Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau account from the downtown Fort Lauderdale Aqua office. She hopes to help Aqua and its clients continue to evolve and innovate through the years as marketing mediums continue to change. For Aime, part of being an Account Executive means being comfortable with the uncomfortable, cool under pressure, and collected in a crisis. Skills that not only will undoubtedly help her excel as an AE for the GFLCVB, but apply to her passions like scuba diving and triathlons.

Because when she’s not running accounts with exceptional efficiency, Aime is running triathlons. Also swimming and cycling. Aime doesn’t just take days off. She spends an average of 20 hours of week training for triathlons, and revels in the opportunity to do lawn work at her home. Along with spending time with her dog Sebastian and her husband John, Aime’s schedule is always packed so she never gets stuck in a rut – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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