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Aqua Intelligence

Announcing AquaIntel™

An Abundance of Data

In today’s modern digital landscape, a virtual cornucopia of data is available on travelers and the destinations they visit. This includes people planning a vacation, those recently returning home from a trip, traveling for business, visiting a destination for the first time, returning to a favorite getaway, and more. Traveler data is then broken down further into where the traveler originated, how long they stayed in a destination, how much they spent, who they traveled with, travel behaviors, when they visited, why they visited, and so much more.

Data Meets Doing

There’s a lot of data out there. Some of it’s interesting, some of it doesn’t apply to clients, and some of it could be the difference between an okay fiscal year and a historically high increase in economic impact. Finding the right data at the right time and doing the right things with it is what separates destinations apart from the competition. That’s where AquaIntel™ makes the difference.

Aqua is Analytics

Our business intelligence/market intelligence experts help Aqua keep data analytics at the forefront of our business and campaigns. In this way, AquaIntel stays on top of developing trends and closely monitors traveler sentiment. We specialize in creating several indicators (formulas) based on the data we access to determine key markets of opportunity for each individual client.

AquaIntel compiles this data into a proprietary Dashboard. Through this intuitive and easy-to-understand Dashboard, AquaIntel reports more than marketing ROI, but traveler and destination analytics as well. By analyzing various data points from different markets, including historical spend by visitors from those markets, the cost of living, employment/poverty levels, organic interest in travel, etc., and weighing them against other data such as market population and saturation from previous campaigns, we’re able to discover markets more likely to react to marketing and generate significant yield.

All in Aqua

Unlike other firms that turn the task over to “data engineers,” AquaIntel data gathering, analysis, and reporting are conducted by experienced, in-house destination marketers who deeply understand the data and provide expert analysis based on years of successful destination marketing experience. Additionally, managing data analysis within Aqua gives us greater control over what data is selected. This way, AquaIntel can take a deeper look into narrowed demographics, geographics, and psychographics of potential visitors and destinations (among countless other indicators) to build new audience sources dynamically. In other words, AquaIntel puts the program in programmatic.

Analytics is Strategy

  • Emerging Technology
  • Destination Dashboard
  • Blended Data Metrics
  • AI Powered:
    • SEO
    • Qualitative Research Analysis
    • Keyword Identifier Stacking
    • Automated Tagging
    • Media Recommendations and Analytics

The core strategy behind data analytics is knowing the correct moves to make before setting up a media buy, i.e., knowing what type of ads to run where and when. AquaIntel looks at the data of past destination visitors, and uses those findings to influence the creative process throughout all stages of a campaign: from brainstorming campaign concepts through launching a campaign and all the way to reporting the results of a campaign.

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